Sober Living Houses in Arizona

True North Sober Living is an Arizona state licensed facility which serves as the sober living house for the men participating in Holdfast Recovery’s program. While here clients can look forward to living in a safe environment staffed 24-hours a day by men who are also in recovery and understand the challenges of treatment and early recovery.

Residing at True North Sober Living is strongly encouraged for all Holdfast Recovery clients. Living together at True North Sober Living, the clients can practice and apply what they have learned in their daily therapy sessions. The staff also provide clients with important structure and accountability in daily life, necessary for successful outcomes of treatment.

The house is located just North of Prescott in the beautiful ranching country of Williamson Valley. It is a three story colonial style house on three acres of land, with room for both indoor and outdoor activities. Clients always share a bedroom with at least one other client to prevent isolation, and there are two kitchens for group meals with food purchased by staff.

True North Sober Living also provides the aftercare component of the program, allowing graduates from Holdfast Recovery to maintain their supportive living environment while gaining more independence in their employment or education.

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