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You’re not hopeless, Holdfast.

We treat substance abuse and heal trauma. Whether you have been in and out of centers, or this is
your first time finding hope, we are here for you.

We know what it’s like. We’ve been there.

In our experience, these are usually the questions most on your minds…


A word from Our Founder

After surviving the Yarnell Hill Wildfire and an unfathomable loss of my 19 firefighter brothers in 2013, I suffered from bouts of deep depression, alcohol abuse and intractable Post-Traumatic Stress. But my family who needed me, my faith in God, and the memory of my brothers’ sacrifice inspired me to keep living through my darkest moments.  Through EMDR counseling and my healing faith I was able to overcome these trials and tribulations and have made it my life’s mission to serve others.


– Brendan McDonough