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Phase 1

The first phase phase of the program (30-45 days) , clients will be engaging in the entire program which includes a minimum 25 hours of group therapy and up to 2 individual EMDR sessions weekly. as well as the other aspects of our program, the health and wellness/life style changes, gym, 12 step meetings, bible studies, case management, outdoor activity etc… They will be randomly tested for substances twice weekly. During this phase, they will be living at a sober living home monitored and controlled by trained staff. Talk about activities

Phase 2

During the second phase of the treatment program(30-45 days), clients will become more independent and are expected to obtain employment. They will be required to participate in limited outpatient clinical services including attending group therapies three days per week, continuing with 12 step meetings, bible studies, etc. They will continue there individual EMDR weekly and regular random substance abuse testing twice weekly as well.

Phase 3

The final phase of the program(30-45 days) is where clients become even more independent and learn to live autonomously. They will be required to participate in outpatient clinical services as needed, which will include individual counseling services weekly. They will also be allowed to participate in group activities such as community service, hiking trips, etc. They will continue to go to church and men’s groups in order to stay connected to healthy relationships.